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Special Occasion Dresses and Mother of the Bride Dresses Go Green!

environmentally-friendly-dressesGreen is among the latest trends at weddings – and I don’t mean the color green.  I am talking about the latest eco-friendly special occasion dresses and mother of the bride dresses.  Eco-friendly is in and the wholesale dress industry better take notice.  Not only are the dresses going green – but the wedding themes in general are becoming more environmentally-friendly.  Eco-conscious couples are turning towards donations towards charitable causes in lieu of wedding favors.  Free range chicken has made it onto the menu at recent weddings.  It only makes sense that special occasion dresses would follow suit.  It is a terrific idea for dress wholesalers to prepare themselves for the eco-conscious brides.  Special occasion dress wholesalers and mother of the bride dress wholesalers need to offer environmentally-friendly fabrics.  Some eco-friendly fabrics used to make special occasion dresses include organic cotton, silks, hemp and in extreme cases recycled newspaper.  (I still believe that the New Times is meant to read – not to wear as a special occasion dress.)

However special occasion dress wholesalers need to take notice that the terms “organic” and “eco-friendly” aren’t just for the grocery.  Going green has taken the fashion world by storm.  What makes special occasion dresses eco-friendly?  These special occasion dresses are made of biodegradable materials that do not harm the environment.

What was once considered the fashion of the hippies has emerged as a booming fashion industry.  Eco-friendly designers are special occasion dress lines have what it takes to continue being stylish for 2010 and beyond!

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