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Special Occasion Dresses: Petite, Woman’s and Plus Sizes Explained

Special Occasion Dresses NYCIn a previous Blake and Company special occasion dress blog entry, the difference between junior size special occasion dresses and missy (misses) size special occasion dresses was explained.  The focus of this special occasion blog entry is the petite special occasion dress size, petite plus, explain the meaning of “woman’s size” and plus size special occasion dress size.

As New York City’s premier representative of Mother of the Bride and special occasion dress collections, Blake and Company carries a large selection of mother of the bride dresses and special occasion dresses in a variety of sizes.

Remember that when it comes to special occasion dresses – fit is everything.  It is important to select a special occasion dress size that is right for you, based first on the body shape that the clothes are designed to fit.

Petite Special Occasion Dresses
Petite special occasion dresses are cut for shorter body.  Women between 5ft to 5ft 4in are good candidates for the petite special occasion dress size.  To clarify, petite doesn’t mean thin.  The petite size special occasion dress only refers to height.  Petite size special occasion dresses can be junior cut in sizes from 1P to 13P or in misses sizes from 2P to 14P.  Special occasion dresses and mother of the bride dresses can also come in Petite plus, which is 16P to 26P.  Petite plus size special occasion dresses are for women who are both short and full figured.

Women’s Size Special Occasion Dresses
The term “women’s size” refers to a sizing method of the past.  Most clothing is sold in misses sizes.  However, if the size tag of a special occasion dress has a W, then it is a true “woman’s size”.  Women’s sizes are meant for more mature women and are often cut with more room to move.  Consequently, these styles tend to be mature, do not fit as closely to the body and are generally not as flattering.   Today’s over 50 women are generally still fashionable and want to wear more flattering special occasion dresses and mother of the bride dresses.  As a result, the true woman’s size and style ranges are becoming less favorable.

Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses
Plus size special occasion dresses and plus size mother of the bride dresses are cut for a full figured woman with a larger than D-cup bust size.   Plus size special occasion dresses cover dresses from sizes 16 to 28 or 16W to 28W.  Plus sizes are sized as 1X-5X.  The fundamental difference between plus size special occasion dresses and misses size is the extra room for bust sizes and armholes.  In addition, the hip area is wider and more accommodating.

On a final note, it is important to remember that sizes vary between special occasion dress designers.  The best advice is to ignore the dress size numbers and try your best to get the best fit. 

To be certain that your clients look their best at the special occasions of this season, be sure to see what our dress designers have to offer.  We invite you to visit our wholesale dress New York Showroom, located at 530 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10018 or give us a call at 212-869-5959.  Our wholesale dress sales representatives would love for you to come see the amazing lines of dresses that we have on display.