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How To Choose The Right Color Dress

When choosing a dress it is always smart to not only make sure the dress fits, but make sure the color looks right on you! There are many ways to find the right color fit. The first step would be basing the color off your hair color. If you are blond go for oranges , blacks, reds, beiges, silvers, taupes, and light blues/ purples/ pinks. If you have Brown hair go for greens,blues, whites, pinks, browns, and golds.
Redheads should usually stay away from reds and oranges. They tend to clash. Black does the opposite effect and will most definitely make you stand out! Greens and ivories will also look gorgeous. Eyes can also be a factor in choosing a dress color. Blue eyes stand out when you wear well of course, blue! Green eyes really pop with purples browns and golds. Brown eyes go better with a green or gold coloring. Here at Blake and company, we hope that this will help you choose the best color on you when choosing a mother of the bride dress!

~ Rachel Wolkoff

What Color Should The Mother of the Bride Wear?

Mother of the Bride NYC ShowroomWhen it comes to Mother of the Bride dresses, the most commonly asked question asked by a Mother of the Bride is “What color dress should I wear?” Selecting the right color can be a daunting experience.

There are several items that must be examined in order to determine what colors are appropriate for a mother of the bride dress.

What time of year is the wedding?  How formal is the event?  What color are the bridesmaids dresses?  What are the colors of the wedding flowers?  What is your personal taste?  The answers to these questions must all be taken into consideration before the mother of the bride and mother of the groom can be confident that they are choosing a color that works for the particular situation.

Traditional wedding etiquette stipulates that the mother of the bride dress should not be white.  With that in mind – every other color is a possibility.  As mentioned in a previous Blake and Company blog entry, black can be an excellent choice – especially for a black and white themed wedding.  A red mother of the bride dress can be striking in the fall and winter.

The best route is to coordinate the mother of the bride dress with the bridesmaid dresses.  The color doesn’t have to be a perfect match, but better to come close than the clash.  This style is a classy way to coordinate and a mother of the bride can never go wrong with this strategy.

A more daring idea that can be a hit if it is done right is for the mother of the bride to contrast with the bridesmaids.  To select the complementary color may be risky, but if done right – can be a homerun!

However, the best advice is to take the bride with you for a second opinion!  This way, you are playing it safe, so that if anything goes wrong – the mother of the bride is not to blame.

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