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Special Occasion Dresses Steal the Show at the Oscars

special occasion dress nyAnne Hathaway’s dress selections at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards were stellar.  She added style to the Oscars in her special occasion dress choices.  Fashion fanatics look forward more to the red carpet arrivals than the show itself.  The latest special occasion dresses and gowns adorn the carpet for the whole world to see.  Special occasion dresses complete with feathers and décolletage line the red carpet.

The Academy Awards is a time for fashion to take center stage.  Special occasion dress choices are sometimes right on the money and other stars choose gowns that are unflattering to say the least. 

Jennifer Hudson, for example, chose a dress that did not compliment her body type.  In fact, the dress was distracting because of the lack of support on top.  Halle Berry, on the other hand, wore a special occasion dress that was a perfect match and accentuated her body type.

Women need to be in touch with their bodies.  Special occasion dresses should be selected based on making them look as beautiful as possible.  Most women at the Oscars have stylists to help them select special occasion dresses and give them advice on hair and make-up.  Unfortunately, most women who are not Hollywood actresses have to rely on their own insight when selecting a special occasion dress. 

Other winners at the Oscars include Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence.  Cate Blanchett’s special occasion dress takes the cake for worst dressed.

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