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Ten Tips to Make Sure You Look Your Best in 2011

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Special Occasion Dresses WholesaleTen Tips to Make Sure You Look Your Best in 2011

Special occasion dress designers and mother of the bride dress designers all have the same goal – to create dresses that make women look their best.

Knowing that women have different body types and different taste makes this a difficult task.

These ten tips listed below will help women who want to look their best in 2011.

1. Special occasion dresses need to fit a woman’s body.  Mother of the bride dresses that are oversized or tight fitting are not a wise choice.  It is essential to wear a special occasion dress that is a perfect fit.

2. When it comes to accessories – don’t overdo it.  Accessories are best when they compliment the special occasion dress – not overshadow the dress.  Mother of the bride dresses worn with a simple sterling silver necklace may not be flashy – but is more likely to make the special occasion dress stand out.

3. Comfort is important.  Women should not go out of their comfort zones.  It is best to wear a special occasion dress that you feel reflects your style.  The most trendy special occasion dress may be stunning, but if the person wearing it doesn’t feel comfortable, the results will be disappointing.

4. Belts – to wear a belt or to not wear a belt?  Wearing a belt depends on one thing and one thing only – women with thin waists should wear a belt with their special occasion dress.  Women without thin waists should not wear belts as it will make them look even larger.

5. Scarves and shawls are in!  A scarf or shawl can add a touch of elegance to a special occasion dress.  It is important to keep the accessory simple as not to outshine the special occasion dress.

6. Accessorize your special occasion dress with shoes, bags, watches, belts, jewelry and scarves.  A special occasion dress can really pop if accessorized properly.

7. When it comes to special occasion dresses – women should put their necks on the line.  Women with short necks should not wear a special occasion dress with a high collared neck.  Longer necklines are ideal for women with longer necks.

8. Thin women can wear shorter cut special occasion dresses than those who have wider waists.  Women with wide waist lines should opt for longer hemlines when it comes to special occasion dresses.

9. Special occasion dresses shouldn’t be too short or too long.  It is important to have your special occasion dress professionally tailored to fit your specific body measurements.

10. When it comes to special occasion dresses, light colored tops and dark colored bottoms are best for women with larger lower bodies.  Women with larger upper bodies are wise to choose special occasion dresses that feature tops that are simple and clean with soft, flowing fabrics.

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