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Special Occasion Dress Tips from Bravo’s Project Runway

Special Occasion Dress NYProject Runway is a very popular television show.  It has just completed airing 8 full seasons on Bravo.  Sometimes the fashions that we see on the rack are inspired by television programs such as these.  It is important for NYC wholesale dress vendors to keep up to date on the latest fashions coming down the pike.

The following Blake and Company wholesale special occasion dress blog is inspired by ideas put forth by the Project Runway television program.

Before we begin, there are some recommendations to women on items that they will need before reading the rest of this article.  It is suggested that women have foundation garments, such as support hose or a strapless bra.  High-contrast accessories are also a must.  Don’t forget the evening clutch and either a dress cardigan or bolero jacket.  These accessories should all help to make your special occasion attire impressive.

Okay, now are you ready for the Project Runway tips?  If you’re still reading, then that’s a good sign…  First, before thinking about special occasion dresses – whether it be for a mother of the bride, mother of the groom or mother of the bar / bat mitzvah, it is important for women to evaluate their bodies as to what suits their body types.  So, the first tip when it comes to special occasion dresses is fit.  Wholesale special occasion dress vendors must keep this in mind when stocking their showrooms and retail locations.

Glamorous accents – should they or shouldn’t they be worn to accentuate a special occasion dress?  Host Heidi Klum’s says yes – but like everything else – accessories are best when done in moderation.  In other words, a special occasion dress will get lost behind rhinestones, pearls, ribbons, lacing, fur and feathers.  Instead, just pick one to accent your special occasion attire.

Next we get to the topic of support foundations.  A good strapless bra and support pantyhose can do wonders for the right special occasion outfit.

Accessorize a neutral or black special occasion dress with colorful, high-contrast pieces.  This is an old trick that can turn a plain special occasion dress into an amazing special occasion outfit.

Hats and gloves?  Leave them home!  There is a time for hats and gloves, but unless you’re heading to church or the horse races, it’s best to leave them in the closet.  Hats and gloves can take a fantastic special occasion dress and make it look silly.  Instead, it may be a good idea to try an elegant hair clip.

Remind your wholesale special occasion dress clients to leave the big pocket books at home.  A small evening clutch bag can make a special occasion dress look even better.

Wraps may be a good idea, but for a younger look it may be a good idea to accompany a special occasion dress with a bolero or fancy cardigan.

To be certain that your clients look their best at the special occasions of this season, be sure to see what Blake and Company’s NYC wholesale dress showroom has to offer.  We invite you to visit us at 530 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10018 or give us a call at 212-869-5959.  Our wholesale dress sales representatives would love for you to come see the amazing lines of Mother of the Bride dresses that we have on display.