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Special Occasion Dress Slimming Techniques: Blake and Company NYC Wholesale Mother of the Bride Dress Showroom

Blake and Company is here to let women know that if they’ve got curves they should flaunt ’em!

special occasion dress showroom nyRegardless of size, almost all women have areas that they would like to look a bit slimmer.  Special occasion dresses can help women look their best if they follow the following tips.  Women in the market for special occasion dresses should look for slimming vertical lines.  Patterns found in special occasion dresses that engage the eye in an up-and-down motion are sure to help hide bulges.

It is also important for women to remember to highlight their best feature when selecting a special occasion dress.  Women with great legs should wear a loose-fitting jacket to give the illusion of a slimmer middle.  It is important for women who are trying to mask their midsections to wear a special occasion dress that is shapeless.  A shapeless special occasion dress can make a woman appear boxy and wide.  It is a good idea to find a special occasion dress with some shaping in the side seams at the rib cage.  This will help give a slimmer appearance.

A good way to hide a belly is to wear a special occasion dress that has soft, flowing fabrics.  Special occasion dresses with bright colors and bold prints can also help to give a slimmer appearance.

One of the latest trends in special occasion dresses is diagonal stripes.  Diagonal stripes can make special occasion dresses look amazing and give the illusion of slimness.

If you want your special occasion dress clients looking their best, be sure to visit Blake and Company’s New York special occasion dress and mother of the bride dress showroom.

To be certain that your clients look their best at the special occasions of this season, be sure to see what Blake and Company’s NYC wholesale dress showroom has to offer.  We invite you to visit us at 530 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10018 or give us a call at 212-869-5959.  Our wholesale dress sales representatives would love for you to come see the amazing lines of Mother of the Bride dresses that we have on display.